General questions about Whibse

Whois records, what is the point?

A whois record tells you who is behind a website. Each domain name has a whois record: for instance, use Whibse to check out the whois record for, and see who is behind it.

A whois record contains contact information that allow you to connect with someone responsible for a given website. It can also be useful simply as a research tool, to help you feel comfortable having an online transaction.

Many whois records are anonymous, or contain false information. This can be perfectly understandable for a domain that is engaged in political speech - but a business that uses anonymous whois information may not deserve your trust.

Who should care about whois records?

You should care about whois records if you are engaged in
  • reputation management
  • brand protection
  • cybercrime investigation
  • domain name management
Or if you are just plain curious as to who might be operating a given website.

What is the big deal about parsed whois records?

Whois records are spread across hundreds of different servers across the internet, each server presenting the information in their own in-house format. Parsing the whois records turns them into a single, uniform format that can in turn be used to perform any search and analysis.

This enables you to easily sort by registrant name, address, date of registration, or any of the 86+ fields we expose.

Parsing whois records is a sizable endeavour, and we are very proud of what we have build with Whibse.

How does it work?

In three steps:

  1. Upload a list of domain names into Whibse.
  2. We notify you when the whois records have been fetched and parsed - usually within a few minutes.
  3. You can then download a spreadsheet with the parsed whois records, in csv or excel format.
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When do you fetch the whois records?

Whois records are fetched specifically for you after you submit your list of domain names. You are guaranteed that whois records are always 'fresh'.

What's in a parse?

Each parsed record has up to 86 different fields, including detailed whois information, IP addresses, registrar whois record.

Download a sample excel spreadsheet:

standard sample   premium sample

Which top-level-domains do you support?

We support almost all the top-level domains, generic and country (gtlds and cctlds). We are constantly expanding coverage, with the goal to support all whois servers.

Why almost ?

  • Our generic TLD support is generally in sync with the official IANA list for those TLDs with an operational whois server. As new gTLDs are added we usually have support for them within a week.
  • We support all the major cctlds, at present 60+ countries.
  • Several countries do not offer port 43 whois access.

Customizing Whibse

You can

  • Keep the exact order in which you submitted the domain names, or let Whibse order the results according to the domain name status.
  • Choose to be notified by email upon job completion
  • Choose to have the parsed domains spreadsheet emailed to you
  • Choose Excel, HTML, or CSV formats

Click on your account icon Icon-settings to modify your default settings.

  • Credits

    Sometimes parsing doesn't go right. We do make mistakes. When that happens, we are sorry, and we won't charge you for the corresponding domains:

    • When a whois server throttles us, we may not be able to fetch a whois record.
    • We might not be able to parse a whois record. That's rare, but it happens.
    • A parse job may error out. We *will* rescue it and make sure you get the results, but we will credit you the entire job.

  • Billing

    • Billing occurs right upon subscription, and at the beginning of each period thereafter.
    • Unused lookups do not carryover to the next billing period.
    • Click on your account icon Icon-settings to view your bills and manage your subscription.
  • How to cancel your subscription

    We believe that cancelling should be as easy as subscribing. In order to cancel:

    1. access your account settings (clicking the cog/wheel symbol in the top right),
    2. click 'cancel' (that will bring you to the cancellation page)
    3. click 'cancel account' - that's it.
    When you cancel, you will obtain a refund prorated by the number of domain names that you submitted during the current billing period (the billing period is a month, starting on your initial subscription date). For instance, if you submitted 125 domain names before cancelling (out of a 250 domain names plan), you will receive a 50% refund on your monthly subscription fee.

    Whibse Terms & conditions and Privacy policy

    Terms and Conditions matter. You should read them:

    Terms and Conditions

    For Law Enforcement

    Upon request from a verified law enforcement agency, Whibse will not log, track or view Whois requests submitted by the agency. We recognize your need to keep Whois queries confidential and unlogged, particularly for law-enforcement sensitive Whois requests. We give you the ability to "shred" your Whibse requests when you are done with the data, in a way that ensures we do not have access to which websites you requested information about. This protects the law-enforcement sensitive nature of your Whois queries.

    Once a request is "shredded", all information concerning the request is destroyed, including all result files, which domain names were submitted, and the ip address that the submission originated from. Whibse will only retain a very limited set of aggregated data, solely for the purpose of quality assurance:

    • The time of the submission, the number of domain names submitted, the time at which the request was completed.
    • The breakdown per registrar of the submission: how many domain names were registered to godaddy, how many to networksolutions, etc.
    • For each registrar, how many submissions failed, and with which failure code.
    Please be advised that once a request is shredded, Whibse staff will have limited ability to provide customer support, having no access to your submission nor your results file. Contact us for more information.